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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review: low on price, big on features | AndroidPIT

It's , so unsurprisingly there's no headphone jack. The USB-C port is flanked by a single bottom-firing speaker which gets surprisingly loud. The audio quality isn't superb -- I'm still waiting for a phone that trumps the old HTC BoomSound speakers -- but it's adequate for podcasts and YouTube videos. Like the Mi 8 Explorer Edition , the Mi 9 has an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The target area is small but clearly signposted with a circular fingerprint icon that sits on top of the lockscreen or active application.

Xiaomi says the optical sensor is much improved and unlocks the phone up to 25 percent faster than the previous generation. It's quick, though I found the accuracy lacking. I often needed to press my thumbs -- I registered both, just to make sure -- twice or three times to unlock the device. Maybe I have weird hands or was coming at the target area from a strange angle.

Whatever the reason, it wasn't ideal and made me yearn for an old-fashioned fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

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Weirdly, Xiaomi has abandoned the face unlock option that shipped on both the Mi 8 and Mi 8 Explorer Edition. If you don't like the fingerprint sensor, then you'll have to make do with a traditional pin or pattern. These handsets are often tremendous but fall short in one key area: photography. And to be clear, that's fine -- expected, even -- for hardware at this price point. Brands like Honor have to compromise somewhere to undercut their flagship competition. Xiaomi wants the Mi 9 to be more than good enough, though. DxOMark isn't definitive, however.

In my testing, I've found the Mi 9 to be a brilliant camera which is close, but not equal to Google's fantastic Pixel 3. It generally produces sharp images with good exposure, solid contrast and white balance. Some photos looked a little desaturated and the camera struggled in low-light conditions, losing detail and general vibrance in gloomy cathedrals.

These shortcomings , of course, aren't unique to Xiaomi smartphones. They did make me miss the stellar Night Sight mode on Google's Pixel phones, however. As far as I'm concerned, no company has been able to match that software trickery. To be honest, I rarely used the Mi 9's megapixel telephoto lens. It only became a consideration when something physical, like a wall or ocean, sat between my feet and subject.

Xiaomi Mi A3 review

Usually, I would just walk closer and reframe the shot with the primary camera. Sometimes, though, a moment was unfolding too quickly, and I didn't have time to rush over. In these instances, I appreciated the two-times optical zoom, which is triggered by tapping the 1x button inside Xiaomi's camera app. Unsurprisingly, you lose a bit of image quality as you zoom in. I found that most of the images were still usable for social media and WhatsApp threads, however. I used the ultra-wide-angle camera even less.

It was occasionally useful for capturing landscapes, group shots and, given its slightly fisheye look, sick three-sixty flips at the nearest skatepark. Most of the time, I was happy with the focal length and field of view in the primary camera. Still, it's a useful option to have should the right subject and scenario arise. You can choose to add Beauty to your images and modify your subject's Figure, including their head, shoulders and legs. I tried these once out of sheer curiosity and never used them again, unsurprisingly.

You can literally put star-shaped reflections in your eyes. There's also a portrait mode that simulates a shallow, bokehlicious depth of field with the telephoto camera or selfie snapper. You control the effect with a slider that ranges from f1. I found that it works surprisingly well, provided you keep the setting locked somewhere in the middle. The phone also has an AI mode that analyzes the scene and picks settings depending on what it thinks you're trying to shoot.

There are also various timers, tilt-shift and panorama options. I was most drawn to the Pro mode, however, which lets you choose the white balance, shutter speed and ISO.

Xiaomi's Mi 9 Pro is a 5G phone that costs only $520

On the video side, you can shoot at 4K and p resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second. If you switch to the ultra-wide-angle lens, however, you're stuck with 30 fps at 4K resolution. The resulting footage is fantastic for a smartphone and could , in my opinion, serve as a backup camera for professional vloggers and other content creators. Every image and video is presented on a 6. It's not the brightest, most vibrant or pixel-dense screen I've ever seen -- the latest crop of Galaxy phones take that crown with ease.

But the panel is perfectly competent for Twitter threads, web pages and everything else I consume on a daily basis. For the price, I really have no complaints. Moving across from a OnePlus phone, I had some reservations about the software. Were these assessments justified?

Absolutely, though it didn't stop the company's impressive growth in China.

How to Hack a Xiaomi Phone Remotely

If anything, the colorful and slightly simplified interface fueled it. Is it worth paying more and getting an Mi 9? If you like big smartphones, no doubt. For euros more you will have the best processor on the market, an even better camera, Gorilla Glass 6 and wireless charging. But if you're looking for a compact smartphone that performs well on a day-to-day basis, the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE may be what you need. We use cookies on our websites.

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Without a headphone jack, as is customary A solid triple camera Battery life is not the best Xiaomi Mi 9 SE release date and price Xiaomi has released its Mi 9 SE in only two versions, in which only its internal storage is different. Typical high-end design. A high-end design A dewdrop notch, further reduced bezels, triple rear camera, a fingerprint reader under the screen Elegant on the back and on the front. Is there any hope left for small smartphones? How nice is an OLED screen? The fingerprint reader is under the display!

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You won't be able to complain about its performance. Without a headphone jack, as is customary Xiaomi has not made an exception with the Mi 9 SE and follows the same policy as with its older brother: it does not have a 3. The grid on the left has no utility. It must be said that the triple camera excels a little. Battery life is not the best Do not demand more than one day of autonomy.