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Storage : 64 GB. Display : 6. Battery : mAh. Product Overview Related. Design Type Design Type called form factor refers to a mobile phone's size, shape, and style as well as the layout and position of major components of phone. Camera Primary Camera is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution measured in megapixels , lens focus type fixed or automatic , higher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices.

The Operating System allows the user to install and run third party applications apps , apps are used to add new functionality to the device. Android 9.

HONOR 8A Price , Specifications & Reviews - HONOR South Africa

Hardware Chipset Chipset is a group of integrated circuits designed to perform one or a more dedicated functions, often with real time computing constraints, Popular smartphones are equipped with more advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. Mediatek MT Helio P35 12nm. Octa-core 4x2. On the back things are better.

First of all, the visual separation of the panel catches the eye. Some readers, looking at 8A, will surely remember 8X. It looks good and certainly better than it would be with the usual black color. On the matte strip, this effect is less noticeable. The fact that the body is completely plastic is obvious. The glossy part in black gets dirty easy. The smartphone itself is not slippery at all and its build quality is excellent. A protective film with an oleophobic coating is pasted on the glass. On the frame above we have the earpiece speaker and light and proximity sensors.

To the right side there is a small LED for notifications.

Honor (brand)

Under the speaker in the notch is the front camera. Below is the Honor logo. On the right are the power and volume buttons. The bottom end with six round holes offers a microphone, and on the right a multimedia speaker. Between them in the center is the old microUSB port. The top end comes with a 3. The back panel has a camera eye with a flash on the left. In the center is a fingerprint scanner. There are also different vertical labels and service marks. Honor 8A is a compact smartphone because of the small screen size.

Narrow, not very big in height and weight. Thanks to that, you can use the gadget comfortably even with one hand, very convenient.

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Buttons, scanner etc. The smartphone is equipped with a LCD display with a diagonal of 6. It is about dpi. The aspect ratio of the screen is The manufacturer also talks about TUV Rheinland certification for eye comfort, which means that the screen has less blue light. In practice, the display is quite good. The picture is nice — the color and contrasts are fine. Maximum brightness is not bad for a smartphone of this level. As for the viewing angles, everything is standard. There are no distortions when looking at different angles, but there is a slight fading of dark shades.

The resolution is fairly low for this screen size. The text look fine, but the small elements of some applications do not look very clear. And in Instagram, in general, all icons show pixels. Auto brightness adjustment works correctly and relatively quickly. There is a display temperature setting using a color wheel or presets. For comfortable use in the dark there is an eye protection mode. In addition, you can force full-screen display in all applications and hide the notch.

As usual, you can choose applications in which the notch will be masked or vice versa. It consists of 8 Cortex A53 cores. Four operate at a maximum frequency of 2. In synthetic tests, the results are approximately the same as in Snapdragon This amount is enough to keep open up to 5 applications. If there are more of them in memory, they will probably reboot all the time.

Such are the realities of the budget segment. From 32 GB of storage the user has Surprisingly, the shell is very quick and smooth. Within this budget, there is no point in waiting for lightning-fast response. Seeing only one camera module of the back is actually weird now, even on low-budget devices. Usually even the cheap devices have second sensors to measure the depth of the image.

The fact that there is not much benefit from them is another question. The main camera in Honor 8A is represented by a single sensor with a resolution of 13 megapixels. The photo quality is actually decent. During the day, it is really possible to get a high-quality photo with all the key parameters. Good detail and sharpness, excellent color reproduction, dynamic range is acceptable for this price.

The app does not spoil the picture in any way — the exposure and white balance are set correctly. If you shoot in a room with a medium light, the noises get most noticeable. They are not actively suppressed, so there is no watercolor effect. Video is recorded with a maximum resolution of Full HD with 30 frames. Electronic stabilization is not provided. In short, the video quality is not very good. There are a few modes in the camera application: beautification, manual mode, panorama and HDR.


There are few settings: grid, timer, audio control. The fingerprint scanner in Honor 8A works great: 10 points out of Additional functionality remains the same. You can control the camera release, answer calls, turn off the alarm, open the notification panel and flip through photos. Unlocking by facial recognition is naturally there. The method is also not bad and in most cases it works quickly. In the dark, the brightness of the screen will increase until the face is fully highlighted.

So yeah, you can use the function in any conditions. With the usual usage scenarios — with messengers, listening to music, social networks and similar undemanding tasks — I managed to squeeze about 5 hours of screen activity from a smartphone. Charging speed with a regular charger and cable took a little longer than two hours:. Speaker quality does not particularly shine, and the frequency range is too narrow.

Multimedia speaker in nothing special. The volume level is not bad, but the quality will be enough for most. In wired headphones, the sound is a bit flat and the built-in Huawei Histen audio effects do not help much.

When using wireless headphones there is a critical lack of volume. I had to crank up the volume to maximum, but even that way I always wanted more. At first glance, all smartphones of this price range do not differ in terms of wireless modules. Simple single-band Wi-Fi But how many of these devices come with NFC?


Very few indeed, but not Honor 8A. This is a very correct step on the part of the brand and a good reason to think about purchasing a device. If you have long wanted to get a budget phone with contactless payments, then you should pay attention to this unit.