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There are additional online support resources and tools:. Manage your account settings. Monitor your data usage on the My Usage page and set usage alerts. Enroll in Verizon Up Once enrolled in Verizon Up, your account will get 1 credit every month after you pay your bill. Bookmark your device's support page Invaluable info about your device, such as FAQs, videos, how-to-use guides and an interactive simulator, are just one click away on the LG V40's Support page.

Download apps With so many apps to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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Add an international travel plan Traveling outside the US , or want to call and text internationally while in the US? Protect your privacy Take steps to keep your phone safe and secure. You can choose to require a PIN, password or pattern in order to unlock your phone. Get device protection in case your phone is lost, stolen, damaged or becomes defective. We recommend Verizon Protect , our most comprehensive protection service for your device.

LG Phone Reviews

See the name, city, state and picture of incoming calls. You'll be alerted if it's likely a robocaller, spammer or potential fraud. You can even report problem numbers directly in the app. Make sure the other Bluetooth device is in Discover mode. Select the appropriate Bluetooth accessory from the list of available devices. Enter your PIN, if requested.

Note: Common manufacturer-set PINs are and Introduction 1. Create a My Verizon account 2. Enroll in Verizon Up 3. Bookmark your device's support page 4. Accessorize your device 5.

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Download apps 6. Save time and money managing your bill 7. Add an international travel plan 8. Protect your privacy 9. Sometimes the lighting is off, too. Below are some nighttime shots taken on all three rear cameras. Low-light shots challenge every smartphone camera. The V40 tends to exaggerate colors and blur more in low light, but its shots are usually decent. If LG is super confident in its artificially intelligent camera, it should have made it the default cam.

To be clear, these are minor gripes. Standing a little over 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, the V40 ThinQ is about a big as a giant Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Like a Note 9, and almost any other popular phone this year, it also looks like a slab of metal sandwiched between two sheets of fragile glass buy a case for this one.

LG V40 ThinQ™ | Verizon Wireless for LM-VUAB | LG USA

The volume and power buttons are in their normal spots, and they're joined by a new extra Google Assistant button on the right. This button constantly gets in the way. Instead, I end up clicking it accidentally when I want to turn the phone screen on or off, making it less of an assistance and more of a hassle. Luckily, there's a setting to disable it. Dig into the settings and you can add a button to next to Back and Home that pulls down the notification menu, though a useful feature like this should be enabled by default.

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  • Phones like the OnePlus 6T let you yank the menus up or down from anywhere on the homescreen, and several phones let you swipe your finger down on the fingerprint sensor usually on the back to pull down menus. Fumbling around the overstuffed Settings menu was also frustrating. LG has four lengthy pages of toggles you can turn on and off. My V40 has less bloatware than previous models no phone needs two calculators , runs Android 8 Oreo, and has monthly security patch dated September 1. Overall, V40 is speedy and quick. It matches some of the top Android phones in many benchmark tests, thanks to a top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of memory for storing all those apps and photos.

    LG is also up on all the hip secondary features.

    LG V40 ThinQ: Plans | Pricing | Specs

    Battery life is incredibly average. Of course, none of them come with five cameras. Your buck will stretch a little further this year, too. LG phones now come with a two-year warranty. The V40 may cost you a paycheck, but at least LG is putting its money where its mouth is. Updated Nov. Extra 2x optical zoom and wide-angle cameras are useful!