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It comes with It comes The Galaxy M20 has a pleasing design, though with a polycarbonate body that has a glossy finish. The phone has a mAh battery giving gr The phone is very nice. Battery is very good and long lasting. The best part is price.. I got the aqua blue colour and yes the colour looks amazing! This SAR rating shows the highest level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation measured when the device is placed at the hip level.

Dimensions : Brand Brand name of the company that manufactures the device. Samsung Model Model name of the device. Black Blue Body materials Materials used in the fabrication of the device's body. Dual SIM stand-by Both cards are active. Android 8. Experience 9. Suggest an edit. Samsung Galaxy A Samsung Galaxy M Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T. Samsung Galaxy A30s. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Oppo A Samsung Galaxy A10s. Samsung Galaxy A50s. Samsung Galaxy M20 Dimensions : Width Information about the width, i. Height Information about the height, i.

Volume Estimated volume of the device, calculated from the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. Features Information about some specific features related to the SIM card s of the device.

Samsung Galaxy M20 32GB Phone - Blue

When one is busy, the other is not active. Mobile network technologies There are several network technologies that enhance the performance of mobile networks mainly by increased data bandwidth. Operating system OS Information about the operating system used by the device as well as its version. Process technology Information about the process technology used in manufacturing the chip. CPU frequency The frequency of the processor describes its clock rate in cycles per second.

Storage Information about the capacity of the built-in storage of the device. Types The various types of memory cards are characterized by different sizes and capacity. Diagonal size In mobile devices display size is represented by the length of its diagonal measured in inches. Resolution The display resolution shows the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen.

Pixel density Information about the number of pixels per centimeter ppcm or per inch ppi of the display. Color depth The color depth of the display is also known as bit depth.

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Sensors Sensors vary in type and purpose. Sensor type Information about the sensor type of the camera. Sensor format The optical format of an image sensor is an indication of its shape and size. Aperture The aperture f-stop number indicates the size of the lens diaphragm opening, which controls the amount of light reaching the image sensor. Focal length and 35 mm equivalent Focal length is the distance in millimeters from the focal point of the image sensor to the optical center of the lens.

Flash type The rear cameras of mobile devices use mainly a LED flash. Image resolution One of the main characteristics of the cameras is their image resolution.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review

Video resolution Information about the maximum resolution at which the rear camera can shoot videos. Video FPS Information about the maximum number of frames per second fps supported by the rear camera while recording video at the maximum resolution. Features Information about additional software and hardware features of the rear camera which improve its overall performance.

Oppo F15 Rs. Realme 5s Rs.

Samsung Galaxy M20 in the news

Vivo U20 Rs. Honor 9X Rs. Realme 6 Rs.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Rs. Samsung Galaxy M30s Rs. Samsung Galaxy A51 Rs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Rs. Samsung Galaxy A50s Rs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Rs. Infinix S5 Pro Rs. Oppo Reno3 Pro Rs. Samsung Galaxy M31 Rs. Xiaomi Redmi 8A Rs. Samsung Galaxy M20 Ratings.

Samsung Galaxy M20 review: No competitor with similar specifications at this price range

Rating Summary. Cheap and nice phone. Good camera quality and battery backup. Best phone under Was this review helpful? I am in love with Samsung again after using this phone. The M20 is a device for which I've been waiting for a long time. Samsung is best in terms of display and this phone is a perfect example of that.

It is also priced very well. Worth all your money. Value for money phone to be honest.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Questions & Answers

I really like this new phone from Samsung. Finally this company has come to its senses.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Durability test DON'T BUY (Drop test, Bend test,Scratch test, Water & Flame test)

A phone which is power packed and comes with value for money price tag. The only thing which this device is going to be the custom ui. Apart from that, Galaxy M20 is a perfect device.